Typewriter Revolution continues to sneak into the mainstream…

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I found this shirt at Macy's in my size for $9.99. It's like it was meant to be!

Populaire film now available for pre-order!

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I have been checking Amazon.fr for weeks now, waiting to be able to snag this film that appears to be tailor made for me. Today, it is finally available for pre-order! Release date is April 3rd. I opted for the slow shipping so as not to double the price of the dvd. I couldn’t tell from Amazon if the movie would have English subtitles available as an option, but I have left a note on their facebook page and will update if I hear back!

If you have not yet heard about the movie, here is Retro Tech Geneva’s excellent post.

EDIT: This IS a region 2 dvd. Make sure you have a dvd player that can read this format!

NaNoWriMo 2012 is a go!

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Hello, fellow Typospherians!


Just snagged this screenshot a few minutes ago.

Alright, so I decided last minute to take the plunge and do NaNo again this year. It’s been two years ince my last (and first) attempt, which produced 25,000 words of utter crap that never got looked at again. This year I take a different approach. I am aware that I have very little time these days, and that I have a penchant for procrastination and distraction. Oh, hey, look at this cute little cat video… kidding. Seriously though, of course the typewriter will help keep me on track. I will most likely stay on track with the help of a few different typers – though I may just stick with one, or use a different typewriter altogether depending on how I feel. The 3 I anticipate using are:

Doris – Olympia SM9

Roger – Smith Corona Super Sterling

Starbuck – Hermes Rocket

I am fully aware that my lack of time and planning will likely result in me not “winning”. But it has been far too long since I have dedicated some time to writing, and any words I get on the page will be more words than I’ve written… well, since the last time I did Nano. For the purposes of not getting discouraged, I’m allowing myself to do anything goes – a series of short stories, poems, even train of thought word vomit or typecasts. My purpose this time around will be to have fun, to get words onto the page, and to get some quality time with my typewriters.

Are you a writer? Are you crazy? Join Nano!


If you’re already planning to participate in Nano, why note join the Typewriter Brigade?


*sorry for any weird formatting, I typed up this post quickly on a short work break*

New Content Coming?

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Oh, hello there. Long time no see! Life, as usual, has been crazy. That job I posted about last time? Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for me. But, losing that job led me to the job I have now, which is mostly very awesome. It also requires me to work about 60 hours per week, so many things (including blogging and cleaning the house) have fallen by the wayside. At some point this year I became a little obsessed with nail art as a way to quit my nasty nail biting habit, which has worked out well. I started a nail blog during the brief period in between jobs, which was neglected after approximately two posts. So, I have no time, and two sad, lonely blogs. I don’t really need two blogs, so I figured, might as well kill two birds with one stone. Moving forward, this blog will be less directly related to typewriters and more a place to post whatever pops into my head or strikes my fancy. Posts will likely happen in bursts, followed by long periods of absence, if my past blogging habits hold true.

I leave you with a cute picture of Ted and I at our typewriter themed wedding. :)


Happy New Year, Typosphere!

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Harry Potter World and a Surprise Typewriter Appearance

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Ingredients for "The Umbridge"

The Umbridge. Cloyingly sweet, decidedly evil.


Below are some pictures from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Below that are pictures from the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ride in the Marvel section of the park. As you walk through the line, you pass through The Daily Bugle, the newspaper from the comics. There are some great posters on the walls, and I also spotted several typewriters on desks! They appear to be Royal desktops that have been completely covered in an unfortunate grey paint. Click here for a full gallery of pictures from my trip to Florida, including pictures of me with Wolverine, Cyclops, and the Green Goblin!

Awesome street sign.

As much of Hogsmeade as I can cram into one photo.

The entrance to the 3 Broomsticks. This place was HUGE inside.

Inside of Honeydukes. This place was PACKED so it was hard to get a really good shot.

Butterbeer cart! Both kinds were delicious, but frozen butterbeer was my favorite.

Me standing on the bridge between Hogsmeade and Jurassic Park, with Hogwarts in the background.

Typewriter in the Spiderman ride. There were several of these.

Daily Bugle Signs

Daily Bugle Signs

Daily Bugle Signs

Daily Bugle Signs

Typecast and a Quiz!

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And a bonus! How many can you answer? Keep in mind – this was written in 1954!

From the book "The Wonderful Writing Machine" from 1954.

Sunday Trip to Amado and Tubac

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Adorable Goodwill Find.

The Longhorn Grill and Cow Palace are basically all there is to Amado. Tubac, a few miles south of Amado, is where we went to Elvira’s, and it was indeed amazing Mole. We were so close to the Mexican Border we had to go through a “White Check” on the way back to Amado.

The Longhorn Grill

Cow Palace!

View from a house on a mountain.

Rain, glorious rain!

Artist makes ASCII art physical with a typewriter – Wired Article

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Artist Makes ASCII Art Physical With Typewriter

- By Katie Scott

Article Source – Wired Magazine

Photo by Keira Rathbone

Many wordsmiths have created their magna opera on typewriters, tapping away into the early hours of the morning, but artist Keira Rathbone uses these now largely obsolete machines to type pictures.

Rathbone started creating these typographic works of art in 2003. She told Wired UK: “The idea came to me in a blinding flash, one day sitting in my bedroom with my typewriter, nothing to write, but a desire to press the keys.“As soon as I attempted my first visual piece on the typewriter, I was hooked and knew this would be my main art form. I could then see that the possibilities were endless (and still are, eight years later).”

The artist was inspired by images that are made up from smaller constituent parts — whether the pixels of a TV screen or dots of color in a painting. She emulated this with her work and says it offers the viewer different perspectives dependent on how they are looking at the works.

“I like that my work carries different meanings from different distances.” A piece of work could take a few seconds, or potentially many hours. Rathbone adds, “It depends what I’m typing and when I decide that it’s finished.”

She says that the art receives very positive responses from adults — and intrigue from children: “I have people contacting me from all over the world congratulating me on my art and creativity. When I’m typing live I get the word ‘amazing’ directed my way a lot. This is motivating for me, but also encourages me to keep on thinking about pushing the boundaries of it. Children’s responses are interesting as there is a certain age of child that has never seen a typewriter.”

Rathbone is joining a long list of typewriter artists, with The Typewriter Museum claiming that the earliest example of this art form dates back to 1898 — it was a picture of a butterfly typed on a Bar-lock typewriter.

Among the more recent masters was Paul Smith, an American suffering from severe cerebral palsy, who created hundreds of pictures. Rathbone adds an element of theatricality to her art, turning her typing into what she terms “a sort of live installation.”

She recently performed at Glastonbury and is off to Bestival with her “sonic typewriter” — a machine that has been adapted to give out “twisted sounds” as she types. She also has an exhibition on at the Upsy Daisy Bakery in Hammersmith, London, which will run until Sept. 2. (And if the lure of artistic merit is not enough for you, they make charming cupcakes!).

See more of Rathbone’s work in Wired UK’s gallery.

Boston Typewriter Orchestra on America’s Got Talent

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So there I was, eating breakfast and catching up on one of my summer guilty pleasures, America’s Got Talent (judged by 2 Brits and a Canuk), and who should appear but a group calling themselves the Boston Typewriter Orchestra! Sadly the judges were not impressed, and they only got about a minute of screentime, but of course I enjoyed the crazy random happenstance of seeing a group of typing enthusiasts show up on my TV. I found a clip of the performance on youtube, and thought you guys might enjoy it as well. Their screentime starts at 0:38.

Boston Typewriter Orchestra on America\’s Got Talent

If you’re interested in seeing more, I noticed a few other videos of longer performances on youtube. Enjoy!